Re-upholstery by Robin
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This service is also available where

loose covers are not an option. The

furniture, armchair or sofa, is taken away, stripped down, and made 'like new', with new springing, wadding, webbing etc. where required.


All new cushion inners can be supplied;

using either foam, feather, down, fibre-

fill, or combinations of.


A polishing service is offered where



Re-upholstered furniture can give the

existing pieces a new lease of life.  The

cost is normally the same as buying new

'cheaper furniture' or half that of the

higher quality products.  The choice of

fabric is greater, and most of the fabrics

we offer have a higher 'rub-test' than

original manufactures' furniture. 


When you particularly like the shape, size and comfort of your existing furniture,

our upholsterers are the solution.

Late Baroque armchair re-upholstered with a modern black and white ticking fabric
Re-upholstery: a complete project